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ProStart® educators help build the future leaders of the restaurant and foodservice industry. The National Restaurant Association Education Foundation website gives educators, students, parents, and coordinators a place to find information about the ProStart® program.

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Ordering ProStart® Texts & Instructional Materials

Students will learn from the new Foundations of Restaurant Management & Culinary Arts, created by The National Restaurant Association and Pearson. The curriculum is based off knowledge from industry and academic experts. Topics are a blend of culinary and management skills, industry leaders‚¬„¢ profiles introducing students to career paths, and real-life case studies building a strong connection between the classroom and industry experience.

The curriculum is flexible for educators, allowing for work to be divided up into 45-minute periods or block schedules. It provides a multitude of educator material and student resources that does not require equipment or a fully functioning restaurant style kitchen. Resources include everything from print and electronic textbooks and a companion website for students to a teacher‚¬„¢s wraparound edition and assessments for educators.

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ProStart® Exam Administration Process

Each student must pass both the final exam for Level 1 and Level 2 in order to be considered for the Certificate of Achievement (COA). At the end of each level students must take and pass an exam of 100 questions each with a 70 percent or higher. All exams (print-based or online) must be scheduled online. When you schedule the exam, it will generate an Exam Information Form for you to send in with the answer sheets (if you administer a print-based exam).

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ProStart® Certificate of Achievement (COA)

The ProStart® National Certificate of Achievement (COA) is an industry-recognized certificate that signifies a strong foundation in the basic management and culinary skills considered critical to success by industry leaders. To earn the ProStart® National COA, a student must pass the National Restaurant Association‚¬„¢s Year 1 and Year 2 exams, and complete 400 hours of mentored work experience.

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Teacher Training Workshops

The teacher training workshops will be held twice a year, one for basic curriculum understanding and the second for competition preparation. During the first training workshop, held during the late summer, industry professionals will help educators understand the ProStart® program, including basic curriculum information and industry statistics. The second workshop held during the early fall will prepare educators for the annual Delaware ProStart® Student Invitational. This training workshop will teach rules and basic knife skills, along with details of the event.


The National Restaurant Association Education Foundation provides a scholarship for educators who are attending the NRAEF summer institute to further develop their knowledge of the industry. A number of scholarships are provided for the students involved in the ProStart® program. Educators are responsible for encouraging students to submit entries for any scholarship that applies.

Colleges & Universities

There are a number of colleges and universities that work closely with the ProStart® program. More than 60 colleges offer benefits for students who have completed their National Certificate of Achievement to make college more affordable. To view the colleges and universities involved, click HERE.


Mentors are owners, managers, chefs, supervisors, vendors and others in the restaurant industry. They are a guide for students and assistants for ProStart® educators. The mentor provides support, encouragement, and coaching for the students and faculty involved, along with giving back to the foodservice and hospitality community. Mentors should provide direction for students to help connect and build a future in the industry.


The Delaware Restaurant Association has provided educators with electronic versions of the competition forms.

Links for the Delaware ProStart® Student Invitational required forms:

Link for the National ProStart® Invitational forms for winners of the state competition: