Mentors can be owners, managers, chefs, supervisors, vendors and others. Mentors are not only a guide for students, but will also assist ProStart® educators. The opportunity to be a mentor for the Delaware ProStart® program provides support, encouragement, and coaching for the students and faculty involved, along with giving back to the foodservice and hospitality community. Teachers and students will be looking for a role model to help develop the professional skills being taught. Mentors should provide direction for students to help connect and build a future in the industry.

There are many ways to help:

  • Be a guest speaker in a classroom
  • Conduct hands-on classroom demonstrations or invite students to your business
  • Provide training and preparation for the Delaware ProStart® Student Invitation
  • Work with ProStart® educators to build their knowledge and skills of the industry
  • Hire a ProStart® student (this can fill their work internship requirement)

Watch the ProStart Student Experience Video to see the impact you and the program can have on tomorrow’s leaders.

To sign up to become a Mentor, please click HERE.

If you know someone who will be a good mentor and would like to Suggest a Mentor, please click HERE. We will contact that person on your behalf.