Do you have a passion for cooking? Ever wondered what it takes to operate a restaurant or ever dreamed of owning your own? Then ProStart® is the program for you!

Across the country, 95,000 students have given thought to these questions and answered YES. For 15 years, ProStart has been providing high school students with the training they need to be successful. In two years you will learn about industry tycoons and get an in-depth understanding how the restaurant industry works, through competitions that challenge your knowledge and skills and through hands-on work experience.

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Career Options in Hospitality

The hospitality industry is looking for the best young people to be its next stars. Both nationwide and in Delaware, hospitality jobs represent almost 10% of all employment. Hospitality jobs exist in every state, region and type of community. Within the hospitality industry employees can stay close to home or move to other parts of the world. Salaries start with entry-level, hourly wages and can go to seven figures. Many of the businesses offer the same health and vacation benefits as large corporations, in addition to reduced rates on accommodations and food.

Colleges and Universities

There are a number of colleges and universities that work closely with the ProStart® program. More than 60 colleges offer benefits for students who have completed their National Certificate of Achievement to make college more affordable.

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The Delaware Restaurant Association and National Restaurant Association Education Foundation provide ProStart® students the opportunity to advance their education. Through post-secondary scholarships students are encouraged to attend colleges and universities that specialize in hospitality and restaurant management programs. With the restaurant industry growing continuously, it is important that ProStart® students have the opportunities to get the education that will provide them with the knowledge and skills to compete for top positions.

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The Delaware Restaurant Association has provided electronic versions of the competition forms.

Links for the Delaware ProStart® Student Invitational required forms:


Students are also encouraged to use the DRAs worksite sign up list to qualify for the ProStart® COA and fulfill the 400 hour work requirement.