Delaware is home to more than 19,000 eating and drinking places that employ 47,000 workers, making restaurants an indisputable driving force in the state’s economy. Educating, supporting, and advocating for this workforce and minimizing the impact of government legislation on the industry is our core responsibility.


The Delaware Restaurant Association (DRA) has a proven record of protecting industry interests. We strive to improve the business environment for restaurants, advocating on a slate of national, state and local issues. We are committed to keeping Delaware restaurateurs informed about the latest rules, regulations and legislative policies affecting their businesses.

We are constantly working to improve the restaurant industry, provide better support for your business and cultivate the next generation of foodservice leaders, ensuring the future growth of our vital industry.

The Delaware Restaurant Association is governed by a statewide Board of Directors comprised of industry experts, and led by a team of accomplished executives.  Find out more by getting to know our DRA Staff and Board of Directors.