September 13, 2023 - 10:00 am

Please save the date/place a calendar hold for our next HR Roundtable group meeting: Wed, 9/13 at 10am
We’ll try to get the group together in person for our next meeting!
On the agenda for this meeting:
  • Federal Regulations Update – The Federal DOL is set to issue new guidelines on Joint Employer, Independent Contractors and the Overtime Ruling – we will provide an update and any new implementation dates/guidelines that have been issued.
  • Expanded Industry Training – We will provide and update on our Free Industry Training Courses, including additions in the hotels/hospitality curriculum. We have also recently unveiled a new Online Alcohol Server Training Course fully in Spanish.
  • ServSafe Benefits for Employees – We will be joined by Sara Bray of the National Restaurant Association to review both the Teladoc virtual healthcare options, and a NEW Benefit Program available to restaurant employees (with options for free first year coverage for several DE operators). The benefits program includes health and wellness options, savings programs and career training and resources.
And as always, we are also open for any top-of-mind discussion/topics…please feel free to reply back to the DRA ( or the group with any topics for the agenda, or questions you have prior to the meeting (or ideas for upcoming meeting topics).

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.