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FREE Industry Training Opportunities

The ‘Forward Delaware’ initiative was designed to rebuild Delaware’s workforce by providing rapid training to those looking to build skills and enhance their employment opportunities.  

The ‘Forward Delaware’ program is being administered by the DE Department of Labor and key industry leaders, including the Delaware Restaurant Association. Free industry training tuition is being provided by federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief & Economic Security (CARES) Act funding, and does include some requirements for eligibility. We’ll guide you through the process and welcome any questions/concerns along the way!

Ready to get started? Follow these steps!

  • If you agree to the following eligibility requirements and are interested in registering for free training, please continue to the DRA Training registration page:
  • Applicants will be collected into small groups (weekly) for further instruction & next steps to complete the training. If you apply and complete registration on by noon on a Wednesday…you should be eligible to start training Friday of that same week (this process repeats and puts new registrants into groups each week). You will be emailed coupon codes to complete the free training courses selected (on Friday), once the registration and verification steps are completed. The only exception to this is the UD ‘HR Competencies for Restaurant Managers’ Course, which has set start dates for the 8 week course (new cohort begins on Aug 3rd).
  • Please note that registrants will be asked to provide proof of employment eligibility (per grant funding requirements).
  • A random sample of all training participants will also be asked to participate in a quick 10 minute Zoom meeting where employment eligibility and proof of age/residence will be required (approved documents include a driver’s license or state-issued identification card, passport, or social security card).
  • All participants will be asked to sign a form confirming that their employment (or current unemployment) was affected by COVID-19…meaning that at some point, your hours were cut, you were laid off, or you were asked to switch job duties due to business restrictions, and/or being shutdown entirely at some point during the pandemic (this fulfills grant funding requirements).

Questions or concerns? Please visit to get started and register for free training courses. Further inquiries can be directed to


Registration for all FREE industry training classes must occur (at prior to November 3rd – and all coursework must be completed by November 30th. Beginning December 1st, all regular prices for training courses will be in effect and training will no further free courses will be offered!

Forward Delaware Programs administered by the Delaware Restaurant Association in partnership with the Delaware Department of Labor are partially funded with the Coronavirus Relief Fund (the “CRF”) in section 5001 of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (the “CARES Act”).  It is estimated that 94% or $801,191 of the funding that supports this initiative is federally funded and 6% or $58,920 is state funded.  The amount of non-governmental resources is unknown.