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The Italian Specialist since 1952

Job requirements:
 Valid driver’s license
 Driving record with 0 points
 Defensive driving certification preferred but not necessary
 High school diploma/GED (or GED in progress)
 One year experience driving
 Be physically able to lift 50 +/- pounds
 Food handling training or certification is a plus
 Must pass drug/alcohol test
Job responsibilities:
 Deliver Serpe’s product to customer in a timely manner
 Deliver excellent customer service – be friendly, helpful, and courteous at all times
 Monitor quality of product being delivered
 For example- the quality of the bread boxes (No wet, damaged, torn or boxes with debris)
 Follow proper packing procedures
 Responsible for invoices/money collected at end of shift
 Operate vehicle in a safe manner while obeying traffic laws
 Report any repairs/needs of truck immediately to supervisor

Part time or full time available

To apply for this job email your details to