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Responsible for quickly and accurately delivering orders from the kitchen to customers at the restaurant. A Food Runner should work closely with waiters and kitchen staff members to keep the expedition counter clear for new orders. Maintain a clean environment for the restaurant patron throughout the dining experience.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  • Supports The Starboards’ mission, vision and values
  • Delivering food orders from the kitchen to customers’ tables rapidly and accurately
  • Acting as the point of contact between the front of the house and back of the house staff.
  • Communicating food orders to chiefs, paying attention to priorities (e.g. food allergies.)
  • Deliver food to tables on large tray
  • Cleans large and small trays and tray stands to be ready for service
  • Keeps the station restocked throughout the shift.
  • Knowledge of table numbers and restaurant configuration
  • Keep the restaurant and work station clean, neat and organized.
  • Have knowledge of food and beverage menus
  • Assemble plates properly and in an efficient manner.
  • Tracks cooking times on all orders, checks finished product for proper degree of doneness, appearance, and plate presentation.
Candidates must be Year Round

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