Website latolteca La Tolteca Mexican Restaurant

Established in 1992, independent family-owned Mexican Restaurant

About Us:
La Tolteca Mexican Restaurant is a vibrant and authentic Mexican restaurant dedicated to delivering the rich flavors and cultural experience of Mexico’s culinary heritage. We take pride in crafting delicious dishes using traditional recipes and locally sourced ingredients.

Job Summary:
We are seeking a skilled and passionate Mexican Cuisine Chef to join our culinary team. The ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of Mexican cuisine, a flair for creativity, and a commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards in food preparation.

Key Responsibilities:

Menu Development and Innovation:

Create and enhance a diverse menu of Mexican dishes, reflecting both traditional and contemporary styles.
Experiment with flavors, ingredients, and presentation to continually elevate the dining experience.
Food Preparation and Execution:

Oversee all aspects of food production, including cooking, plating, and presentation.
Ensure consistency and excellence in taste, texture, and appearance of dishes.
Kitchen Operations and Management:

Maintain a clean, organized, and efficient kitchen environment.
Supervise kitchen staff, providing guidance, training, and feedback as needed.
Quality Control and Compliance:

Implement and uphold food safety and sanitation standards in accordance with local regulations.
Monitor inventory levels, ensuring freshness and minimizing waste.
Collaboration and Communication:

Work closely with the management team to plan special events, promotions, and seasonal menus.
Communicate effectively with front-of-house staff to ensure seamless service.

Proven experience as a Chef specializing in Mexican cuisine.
In-depth knowledge of Mexican culinary traditions, ingredients, and techniques.
Creative and innovative approach to menu development.
Strong leadership and team management skills.
Knowledge of food safety regulations and best practices.

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