Dear Members,

There are only two-weeks left of the legislative session and I want to share with you some updates on important legislation that we are following on your behalf. It is more important now to continue to read these updates and potential alerts. Bills can slide through quickly when legislators get down to the wire in an attempt to pass their agenda items. It may be vital to make calls swiftly if necessary and we will do our best to get you the most up-to-date information, talking points and phone numbers if needed.

Dram shop legislation is very much alive and awaits a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee. DRA members were active last month when the bill was scheduled and we were successful through our calls at keeping it off of the agenda. It could be brought up at any time between now and June 30th.

After two committee hearings and many phone calls by DRA members, HB 428 has been tabled but continues to remain active. DRA has raised many questions and continues to fight any liability language that would implicate restaurant owners or employees. The intent of the bill is to hold adults liable for selling, purchasing or providing alcohol to underage minors.

This bill remains in the danger zone as Representative Barbieri continues to work on language acceptable for committee passage.

There are many other bills that the DRA is monitoring at this time. We will re-cap the entire legislative session after the June 30th deadline.

Thank you again for your persistence. I have been told that legislators continue to hear from our members who have been passionate and articulate in debate! It really does matter! We will continue to keep watch and work on the industry’s behalf.

Carrie Leishman, President/CEO



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