ACTION URGED: Alcohol Tax Increase/Licensing Increase

A bill proposal is expected today to increase the excise tax on alcoholic beverages as well as a dramatic increase in liquor license fees for operators. The Delaware Restaurant Association opposes any increase in taxes and fees to help “close the budget deficit gap” at the expense of the restaurant industry. The industry is struggling with lower sales and non-existent profits. Raising these fees now will have a negative ripple effect on your ability to sell more alcoholic beverages to cash-strapped consumers already eating out less in today’s economy. Wholesalers and distributors will be forced to increase their prices to the retail and restaurant market.

ACT NOW to oppose any increase in license fees as well as any new taxes targeting alcohol. Contact both your Senate member and House of Representative member today. If you are unaware of who your legislators are please go to for more information or contact the Delaware Restaurant Association at 302-738-2545.

This issue will be challenging to fight with Delaware facing a large budget deficit. The power of this industry depends on your involvement.


Carrie Leishman, President/CEO
Delaware Restaurant Association