There is power in numbers! Think you can’t make a difference? Think again! Lawmakers need to and want to hear from their constituents. There are many ways that you can get involved in the lawmaking process. Expressing your concern or approval on issues can be a great investment for your business. Here are a few ways you can get involved:

Invite elected officials to your restaurant

Because of tight schedules, elected officials often eat out. Use this opportunity to invite your elected representative to your restaurant for a meal and a meeting. Inviting legislators to your restaurant gives them the chance to see firsthand what is involved in running your business.

Personal letters, emails, or calls

Personal contact with legislators can be just as effective as an office visit because legislators often use mail or call counts to help them decide on an issue. Here are some tips when communicating with elected officials:

  • Learn about key restaurant issues on the government affairs page of this site, or read key legislative alerts sent to you by the DRA
  • Personalize your message by telling lawmakers about your experience
  • Stick to a single issue and keep correspondence brief and concise
  • Be constructive and express that you want to be part of the solution
  • Do not use threatening language
  • Send copies of your letters or emails and responses to the DRA

Support DRA/PAC

The DRA/PAC is the political policy and action fund of the Delaware Restaurant Association. Money contributed to the PAC is used to help elect officials who support the restaurant industry and vote a pro-business agenda. The DRA/PAC also hosts political fundraisers in New Castle, Kent and Sussex counties during the year.  You can donate anytime by visiting this link

Become a key contact

If you know any legislators personally, please join the DRA’s key contact program by emailing

Show your gratitude

When your legislators do an excellent job on a piece of legislation, thank them for it. A pat on the back will go a long way. If you believe legislators deserve to be re-elected, offer your restaurant as a place for their fundraisers or campaign meetings.