Delaware restaurants are encouraged to “go green” while at the same time decreasing operating costs. Delaware Contract Hood Cleaning and Grease Retrieval Services (DCHS) is offering DRA members Free retrieval of used cooking oil. DCHS will provide members a free 55-gallon drum secured outside their restaurant with a three-year agreement. Non DRA members will be charged a one-time $75 fee per installed drum. DCHS will also offer a $50 discount per cleaning on a scheduled kitchen exhaust system degreasing.

DCHC is a certified, woman owned business and a current allied member of the DRA. DCHC is certified by IKECA, fully licensed and insured, and members of NFPA. Their certifications are accepted by all state fire marshalls under NFPA96. DCHC is family owned and operated with over 30-years fire protection services.

Fore more information contact Patricia Finn at 302-588-5877.