The Power of Delaware’s Restaurant Community

The true power of restaurants centers on their ability to continually evolve, re-calibrate, and grow their business despite the seismic changes in the world around us. Economic, social and political shifts continue to have a direct impact on our restaurants and the communities in which they serve, yet what is emblematic of these small businesses is that they never fail to innovate, inspire and persevere at speeds no other industry can match.

The Delaware Restaurant Association (DRA) along with its philanthropic Delaware Restaurant Foundation (DRF) are prouder than ever to support and advocate for our members and remain deeply committed to what matters most…helping position and prepare restaurants to navigate stability, growth and success in the coming months and years ahead. The DRA team, along with the Executive Committee and Board of Directors have crafted a vision and plan for this work that remains dedicated and responsive to feedback from our members, advocates strongly while aligning with our community partners in an unwavering commitment to leverage any and all resources to supporting our members.

We are excited to share a new and refreshed rebrand of our organization! Like our industry, the DRA is continually evolving to meet the needs of our members and that includes making some changes to both our logo and overall aesthetic to better reflect who we are as an industry and to prepare our organization for a renewed focus on advocacy, workforce development and member support.

Like you, I am optimistic with the industry’s future and the promise of possibility. We anticipate challenges and more change ahead and our work will reflect a vision rooted in the knowledge and lessons of the past few years. Restaurants, with the support of our organization, have turned their attention towards planning with the strength and awareness that distinguishes this industry from all others – the ability to innovate, fight and adapt to achieve the Great American Dream.

With our rebrand, the DRA commits itself anew to you. Our new logo symbolizes resilience, innovation and collaboration during these ever-changing times within our industry. Through our educational resources, we aim to be a collective voice for advocating on behalf of restaurants throughout the state. Our team is available to answer any questions or provide guidance, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts, concerns, comments or suggestions. Reach out to our team any time.