Director of Education

Raelynn serves as the Delaware ProStart Coordinator working with 34 educators, 18 high schools, and over 3,000 ProStart students from across the state, as well as teaching ServSafe as an Instructor/Proctor to the public and also teaching night classes at Delaware Technical Community College.  She is committed to educating the future and current workforce of the restaurant and food-service industry and believes that this is truly an industry of opportunity that has taken her on an amazing ride and she enjoys every minute of it.  After working in virtually every position in the industry and earning an Associate’s in Culinary Arts, Bachelor’s degree in Food Service Management, and her Master’s degree in Business Administration at Johnson & Wales University, she has fallen in love with the educational side of the industry and is committed to enhancing career pathways for our future leaders.  When she is not visiting classrooms, teaching classes, reciting motivational quotes, or running events for the Foundation, you can find her snuggled up with her adorable pups, Cocoa Puff and Reese Cup.