In one of the most challenging legislative sessions in recent years, DRA members, staff and lobbyists put forth a tireless effort to defeat many bills that, if passed, would have cost Delaware’s restaurants hundreds of thousands of dollars. Dram shop legislation, an increase in both the minimum wage and the server cash wage, an increase in liquor license fees and a 50% increase in alcohol excise taxes were all defeated.

“Success was seen on all fronts,” said Carrie Leishman, DRA President/CEO. “It truly is a testament to the hard work and credibility that has been built up over the years by our members, Board of Directors and staff at the DRA.”

Although both the minimum wage and the cash wage bills passed in the Senate and were placed on the House agenda for an up or down vote, a grass roots effort by members succeeded at removing the bills from the agenda. Both bills died in the House.

A coalition of businesses and groups including the DRA mounted an aggressive attack to defeat any increases in liquor taxes or licenses. The coalition placed ads in the News Journal and motivated a strong grass roots to snuff out the increases which happened in the early hours of the morning on July 1st.

Members will soon receive a full legislative re-cap of the session. For more information contact the DRA at 302-738-2545.