The Delaware Restaurant Association is partnering with Teladoc–a national leader in delivering virtual care to restaurant workers. The majority of restaurant workers in Delaware have no health insurance. The ‘Healthiest You’ program  will provide virtual care including primary care, mental health, chronic condition management, back care, dermatology and more via phone or video, with unlimited consultations 24/7/365.  Teladoc is an affordable and robust benefit that provides a comprehensive suite of healthcare services and tools. While it does not replace group health insurance coverage, it does provide high-quality healthcare services that can be offered to any employee, or purchased as a complement to other healthcare plans. 

The DRA is offering a 12-month subscription ($10/month) to Teladoc for 500 industry workers as a pilot initiative to “seed” growth and bring restaurant workers back to full employment.  

If interested, complete this form and you will be placed into a lottery to be randomly chosen. Please note, that completing this form is not a guarantee. We will contact you no matter if you have been chosen or not.

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Deadline to complete this form is Friday, December 30th, 2022.

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