The Delaware Restaurant Association works with many industry partners to produce a wide variety of materials on topics related to restaurant and small businesses owners. Here are some recent White Papers, designed to provide industry best practices, tips, and techniques for successful business operations. For more information or to discuss a specific topic, please contact the DRA at 302.738.2545.

White Paper – Sexual Harassment

White Paper – Delaware Sexual Harassment Notice

White Paper – 2018 Wage and Labor

White Paper – Emergency Action Retail Food Establishment

White Paper – Salary History Ban

White Paper – Overtime, Tipped Employees, Labor Info

White Paper – Service Animals in Restaurants

White Paper-Automatic Gratuity

White Paper-Health Care FAQ

DRA Food Code Changes- Fact Sheet

NRA Update-Federal Regulations for Employers with Tipped Employees

Update Wage Information-Minimun Wage-Tip Wage- Tip Pooling

Music Licensing