*NEW* DRA White Paper - UPDATED Carryout Alcohol/Commissioner Rules

Updated in August 2022, this White Paper covers the rules/regulations of to-go orders from restaurants containing alcohol, per the ABC Commissioner and recent legislation permanently allowing carryout alcohol sales in Delaware.

DRA White Paper - Labor Laws, Minimum Wage, Overtime, Tip Pools, & Teen Employees

Updated in 2022, this DRA White Paper focuses on labor laws regarding minimum wage, overtime rates of pay (also for tipped employees), service charges vs. gratuities, tip pools and teen labor laws.

DRA White Paper - Animals in Restaurants

This White Paper gives an overview on pets, service animals and all other animals in restaurants, including recent changes to outdoor patio legislation in Delaware, and the 3 questions you can ask customers surrounding service animals.

DRA White Paper - 80/20 Rule

Updated final regulations from the Department of Labor's Dual-Jobs or "80/20" Rule, pertaining to tipped employee job duties and where the tip credit is applicable for employers, and situations/job duties where it cannot be used.


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White Paper – Sexual Harassment

White Paper – Delaware Sexual Harassment Notice

White Paper – Emergency Action Retail Food Establishment

White Paper – Salary History Ban

White Paper-Automatic Gratuity

White Paper-Health Care FAQ

DRA Food Code Changes- Fact Sheet

NRA Update-Federal Regulations for Employers with Tipped Employees

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